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Benefits and Features

We strive to offer a premium product that lasts longer and costs less to run. From initial capital purchase through the life of trailer and cost of ownership, a Prime Trailer will offer more value with added benefits. To achieve this, we have implemented more advanced manufacturing and management systems that ensure constant improvement and elimination of waste.

Frame Construction

Prime frames have been engineered and built to last in the demanding transport industry. High strength carbon steels combined with our unique beam designs have enabled us to increase strength and payload whilst reducing tare weight and material fatigue.
Welding procedures have been specified to further increase strength and decrease material fatigue.

Bolt-on Assemblies

We have opted to bolting on major assemblies rather than welding them on. Although much cheaper to weld an assembly to a trailer, the bolt-on method drastically reduces cracks and fatigue commonly associated with welding assemblies to the frame resulting in further product durability.
Another advantage is speed and ease of replacing or adding assemblies without the need for skilled artisans and expensive tools.

Ease of Operation

We design every component and system to make the job of the operator as easy as possible. Examples include a unique rubbing plate assembly in for faster hookup, ergonomic outlay of load restraints for quicker and safer strapping as well as faster speed landing legs to improve turn around times.

Running Gear and Maintenance

To ensure higher productivity and reduced running costs, only the highest quality running gear is used.
Axle, suspension, electrical and brake systems are specified and fitted to highest quality standards ensuring increased productivity and lower maintenance.
Air and electrical systems are of a quick coupling nature further allowing for quick and easy fault finding and maintenance.
Prime assemblies e.g. tool boxes, mudguard assemblies, light boxes are of such a construction that in case of damage they can be easily repaired without the next for replacement in most instances.
Critical replacement parts are stocked throughout Southern Africa and all Prime assemblies are stored centrally for quick delivery throughout the region.

Customisation and Technology